What has always been apparent about you and the way you do your job is your professionalism and commitment. You have been at the heart of the investigative part of South Wales Police for so long and involved in many of the departments and issues that have helped to get us to where we are today. You should be proud of your work; it's been great to have you helping to shape our approach.

Chief Constable Peter Vaughan O.St.J, QPM, BSc (Hons), DipAppCrim, CCMI (September 2014)



Jeff Norman is personally known to me for his excellent contribution to delivering the Anti-Slavery agenda in Wales. It is the aim of the Welsh Government to make Wales hostile to slavery and to provide the best possible support to survivors. Jeff has been engaged with Wales Anti-Slavery Leadership Group Training Sub Group playing a leading role in designing and delivering slavery awareness training programmes. He has also played an integral role in the introduction of intelligence and information sharing protocols. Working with Jeff I have become aware of his professionalism, enthusiasm and passion to tackle all forms of slavery.

He is supportive of his colleagues and works tirelessly to promote the anti-slavery agenda. In addition to supporting awareness raising training and intelligence initiatives, Jeff has assisted in the establishing of regional anti-slavery fora across Wales and the delivery of high profile anti-slavery conferences and events.

Jeff has been an excellent ambassador for the Wales Anti-Slavery Leadership Group and the Police Service. His efforts certainly contributed to raising the awareness of slavery across Wales and making a difference to the lives and safety of potential victims.

Stephen Chapman, Anti-Slavery Coordinator Welsh Assembly Government MBA, MA, DMS, PGCL (Merit), BSc (Hons), Cert Ed (August 2014)