Prior to my recent retirement from a management position within law enforcement in the UK, I was the police representative on a group sponsored by the Welsh Assembly Government to deliver policies, procedures and training in anti slavery and human trafficking matters. The group is in the vanguard of shaping services for and identifying potential slavery victims throughout the UK and beyond.
I am now permanently based in Wales, UK and have provided support and guidance to many organisations throughout the world which includes speaking at conferences and providing advice and training to groups looking to establish themselves in a similar vein to that in Wales, which is widely regarded as 'best practice' in anti slavery matters.

With the Modern Slavery Bill having become law in the UK and including the provision of statutory rights for victims, there could not be a better time to put in place the necessary structures and procedures to combat these heinous crimes and to better identify and protect potential victims of trafficking and slavery.

I would be very interested in further exploring what I might be able to do to assist in and learn from your work and to share best practice anywhere in the world in dealing with this scourge on society.
I am an articulate, committed, enthusiastic and people-focused individual with proven expertise and ability in motivating individuals to achieve their goals.

My background includes leadership within law enforcement (police) with over 33 years of unblemished service and numerous commendations awarded. I have led investigations as Senior Investigating Officer in cases of homicide and other serious crime and performed an Intelligence Manager role in a number of high profile criminal investigations. I have also managed a number of high risk covert investigations including those with threat to life.

I have developed sound leadership skills – particularly with regard to the management of people, resources and finance and I pride myself on my professionalism and personal integrity; actively promoting equality in all working practices.


Annual Report of Anti-Slavery Co-ordinator
Modern Slavery Strategy
Annual Report of Anti-Slavery Co-ordinator


Stop Modern Slavery


Vast Experience

Over 33 years of law enforcement (police) experience almost exclusively in criminal investigation, including domestic violence, child abuse and other serious crime.

Extensive Investigative Knowledge

As Senior Investigating Officer and Intelligence Manager in major overt and covert investigations.


I take great pride in my professionalism; displaying high standards of integrity at all times and am a keen advocate of diversity.

Multi-Agency Networks

I have experience in the establishment of multi-agency support networks and the policies and procedures required to underpin them.


I am a keen and enthusiastic advocate of the Victim/Survivor Pathway to ensure the protection and rehabilitation of potential victims of trafficking (PVOTs) and the prosecution of offenders.

Subject Matter Expert

I am widely regarded as having an excellent insight into the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking agenda.
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