Prevent modern slavery

I can provide support and expert advice into the investigation of suspected criminality and slavery within an organisation or company internally or externally, nationally or internationally. This service can be tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the client.

I am able to offer services to promote the prevention of Human Trafficking and Slavery in the first instance through the identification and sharing of current trends, best practice and learning to groups and individuals through public speaking, seminars, training events and projects.

I can provide a unique insight into this work to the legal profession to promote understanding of the unique challenges in dealing with both victims and perpetrators of Slavery and Human Trafficking and advise on the particular difficulties in such cases. I can also provide expert evidence on all aspects of trafficking and modern day slavery in support of litigation.

I am able to inform and advise members of media organisations in a variety of settings, ranging from support on documentary making to providing professional advice to journalists in their day-to-day news reporting.

I am keen to assist Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) active in the field of Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking. Although some NGOs are very well established in this area, newer ones will benefit from my skills and experience. I am able to provide a range of services from one off presentations giving an overview of trafficking to longer-term assistance with projects.

You can be assured that you are receiving information and advice that is informed by a diverse range of experience and specialism and from a Subject Matter Expert.

I have experience in dealing with extremely confidential and sensitive information, so you are guaranteed the highest level of trust, integrity and discretion.

I can provide advice on training provision to ensure that your company or organisation has staff who have the required skills and knowledge to recognise the signs of Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking and who know what to do to protect these most vulnerable members of our society.

Providing UK industry sectors with advice and guidance to understand their responsibilities and best practice associated with tackling labour exploitation in supply chains in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. I can also advise on the preparation of Company Statements under the Act.


Anti Slavery Consultancy Services

1. Advice on designing and delivering anti slavery training including:

(i) Advice upon a range of awareness training courses on Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking aimed at giving participants a broad understanding of the signs to look out for, the methods used to enslave and the types of deceptions employed.

(ii) Law enforcement training workshops including the investigation of cases of Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking for lawyers, police, government and Non-Governmental Organisations.

(iii) The National Referral Mechanism (NRM) incorporating recent developments.

(iv) Supporting Victims/Survivors - Building victim trust and working towards rehabilitation to help build new lives in a safe environment.

(v) The criminal justice system and the presentation of Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking cases to the Crown Prosecution Service and the Courts.

(vi) Guidance on investigations into Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking, including large scale investigations into Organised Crime Groups committing such crimes.

2. Guidance and advice on the creation of Multi Agency networks.Advice on the development of a Victim or Survivor Pathway incorporating a bespoke Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) for potential victims of Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking.

3. Provide expert witness testimony and advice to legal teams involved in cases of Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking.

4. Guidance and advice to statutory agencies and Government departments on Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking including the production of research reports.

5. Media and advocacy; including the support of documentary and film making and other journalistic reporting or projects on the subject.