The Transparency In Supply Chains
Friday, 27 July 2018

The Transparency In Supply Chains (TISC Report) - is a repository of Modern Slavery Statements made by businesses in the UK in compliance with the requirements of Section 54 Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The Transparency In Supply Chains (TISC Report) - is a repository of Modern Slavery Statements made by businesses in the UK in compliance with the requirements of Section 54 Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The Welsh Assembly Government is a strategic partner of the TISC Report and has gone further in accordance with it’s devolved powers from the Westminster government and has introduced a far-reaching and proactive ‘Code of Practice’, which seeks to ensure ethical employment in supply chains.

The commitments in the code help ensure that workers in supply chains are employed fairly.

This code commits public, private and third sector organisations to a set of actions that tackle illegal and unfair employment practices. The supporting guides contain tools and advice to help put the commitments into practice. All organisations that receive funding from Welsh Government, either directly or via grants or contracts, will be expected to sign up to the code. Other organisations in Wales are encouraged to sign up.

The Code covers:

  1. Modern Slavery & Human Rights Abuses
  2. Blacklisting
  3. False self-employment
  4. Unfair use of umbrella schemes and zero-hours contracts
  5. Payment of a Living Wage



I’m delighted to have signed up to the Code of Practice on behalf of #StopSlaveryToday earlier this week with the Welsh Assembly’s Anti-Slavery Co-ordinator Stephen Chapman. As a result, I am happy to be authorised to display ‘Dewi’, the Welsh Assembly’s Anti-Slavery logo on my website: as a symbol of my compliance and membership of the Code of Practice.

This Code of Practice is a fantastic tool which shows how such a repository should be used – proactively – and I feel sure it will be rolled out across the entire UK in due course!

Access to the Code and supporting guidance can be found at: The Code itself is at:


An animated DVD which explains the process further can be found at:

Log your company's commitment to the @WelshGovernment #EthicalEmploymentCodeofPractice via the Welsh portal:

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